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Documentary of Jewish history in the Wild West.

It’s not enough to build an exhibit. We are currently collaborating with Amanda Kinsey, who is busy producing a documentary about Jews of the Wild West for general release. We will be including this revealing, insightful documentary into our museum presentation. Amanda uses footage of Jewish ranchers, cowboys and cowgirls, and weaves their stories into the narrative. These people are the great grandchildren of early Jewish settlers in the West. Get ready for a wild ride!

Rights managed image. Bear Bones Historians.

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Our objective is to bring Leiser's Footsteps exhibit to museums around the NW United States. 


Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library is hosting

Leiser's Footsteps museum exhibit until June, 2022


We are looking forward to launching our new exhibit called: From Gold to Granite in the Winter of 2022. 

This is an exploration of Jews during the Gold Rush period.

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